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From the previous posts I've read the VA hiring process is pretty long and drawn out. I've applied to two different VA sites. The VA an hour away from my home I can always get in contact with a nurse... Read More

  1. by   bsnrn2013
    The local VA called me and they said it will take about 1 to 2 hours. Exactly, they want it to be done at a VA center. Certificates ACLS/BLS-definitely, my job description did not need that. Certificates are anything you entered in vetpro--ICU/MEDsurg/cardiac/nephrology/case management/UR etc--they will verify all these.

    I did ask for 1/2 day off at my work in case it takes longer..better be safe.

    good luck Amy
  2. by   ArmyTwinRN
    Progressing along...Today, I got the email for VetPro which I completed. It wasn't difficult for me since I'm a new grad and only had 1 RN job. I read on here to request transcripts beforehand which I did and today my HR representative asked me for an official copy which I was happy to drop in the mail. I saved everything in VetPro and I'm gonna call her tomorrow to see if its ok to submit. I'm so anxious to start...

    She didn't send me anything for eqiup...wondering if everyone is required to do it?
  3. by   momswann
    Did vetpro ask for your transcripts? I was never asked for them, so now Im confused.
  4. by   ArmyTwinRN
    No, my HR rep asked for them. I didn't send transcripts with my initial application like I read others did...
  5. by   ArmyTwinRN
    Update on me: I received a call to schedule my physical today! I took the first available appointment which is in 2 weeks. HR also looked over my VetPro info and told me to submit. I'm glad they scheduled my Physical while waiting for VetPro to clear. I'm so excited to start!!
  6. by   bsnrn2013
    Same here, I requested the university to send it directly to HR when HR requested which was after the tentative offer was given.

    ArmyTwinRN-yeah..Congrats. It was 2 hours for me and 1hr drive each it was 4hrs total..long day. I never had an extensive physical...felt like I was at my annual physical at my family doctor except with eye test and color blind test. The doctor was super nice though...I didn't have to do the urine drug test. Definitely there was blood test and they do tell you what it is. The doctor even told me what it is for. I have small veins, so I drank tons of water to blow it up Not sure if you have done the dimension of nursing yet, I posted the questions under the VA salary if you want to review. I wonder if the dimension writeup assists the Board to set the step and your experience and education set the RN level.
  7. by   ArmyTwinRN
    This process is SO long but i'm hanging in there and becoming more patient everyday :P I couldn't fight the urge to call today to find out when my references would be contacted and how (phone, email, or by mail). I've been keeping in contact with my references to see if the VA has been in contact with them. So to give them a better idea I called. They will be contacted by email hopefully today if not Monday. I was also told that I can expect this process to take a month from today Well, I'm happy to have an idea...I can't wait to be "officially" a VA RN

    My local VA is only 15 mins away which I love! I do have to arrive 1 hr earlier than my scheduled appointment time. I've been through several federal physicals so I'm used to the process.

    Keep your VA experiences flowing because they're definitely keeping me going in this LONG process.


    According to everything I've read on here and elsewhere the dimensions does assist the board in establishing your pay grade and step.
  8. by   evgeneia
    SOOOO excited to report that I was formally offered the position!!! YAY!!!
    They wanted me to begin in 2 weeks, but I'm required to give 30 days of notice at my current job, so will begin orientation on Sept 23rd.

    I never did the dimensions that I've read about--it was never part of my hiring paperwork etc...

    Ultimately, from interview to formal offer was about 2 months for me. During that time I completed eQuip, Vetpro, fingerprinting, physical and had my transcripts mailed in (ones originally submitted were "too old"--not printed off within 30 days of submission, which I learned later, they wanted).

    My salary is a good 30% higher than my private sector position, plus more days off and educational opportunities. The VA is within 10 minutes of home, and I'm super excited about the unit I was hired on--an area of interest for me.

    Wishing everyone great luck with your process. Be patient--and check with your HR rep often. HR gave me this advice, and it was super helpful....I was in contact with my credentialing rep every week by email-just checking in. We were on a first name basis--lol!
  9. by   ArmyTwinRN
    CONGRATS!!! I'm so excited for you!!! I'm smiling ear to ear like I received my own final offer!!! I guess I have some time it's only been 1 month since my interview. Thanks for sharing!
  10. by   momswann
    Congrats! I was told by my credentialing rep that my stuff would be going to the nursing board "soon". But I feel like getting any information has been like pulling teeth.
  11. by   N2B8U
    I'm not sure if I'm following the same path with the VA as the previous posters. I applied on July 15th, interviewed July 25th, and received a phone call from a nurse recruiter last Monday 8/12 that informed me "they were not extending me a job offer, but the conditions look favorable if I complete the paperwork then the HR office could extend an offer". I was also sent an email with the same information as the phone call plus a packet of questions called an ROI (Review of Interview) that I was instructed to return after I had thoroughly filled them out (ended up with 30 pages) in addition to any recent performance reviews. The email stated I should complete and return them asap and that I should hear from HR within a week.

    I haven't found any info on this ROI, which in my opinion, closely resembled the questions asked of me during my interview. I've not been asked to do anything additional except provide the phone numbers of my references.

    Does this sound like an "expected process" for the VA? It seems like they each have their own way of handling things. LOL.
  12. by   bsnrn2013
    I didn't have to do the ROI and never heard of it either. I had my interview beginning of May, tentative offer mid May and still waiting, and no mentioning of ROI. Let us know more...
  13. by   ArmyTwinRN
    I didn't have to do that type of ROI either. The only ROI I had was a single sheet of paper which was simply a "Release of Information" form that gave the VA permission to contact my references.