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Hi, Are there any USPHS commissioned officers who can share their experiences working in IHS facilities? What is it like living in rural areas? Please share your stories with me because I am... Read More

  1. by   NursePamela
    Regarding RN 318,,, "Medical home providers" Does PHS do home care? Or did I read that wrong?

    Just Curious
  2. by   RN318
    @Utim0 : Thanks. I'll continue to stay positive.
    @ NursePamela : No you read it correctly --- "medical home providers". Appears to be a type of medical model used in this particular clinic whereby the individual patient's care team is lead by a PCM (RN Patient Care Manager). The team is comprised of physicians, nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants; nurses; case managers; corpsmen; certified medical assistants and support staff to meet comprehensive healthcare needs. The focus is on prevention, wellness, improved communication, etc.
  3. by   NursePamela
    RN318 - Thanks for clarifying, i did not know.
  4. by   Loque
    This was a fantastic thread that answered tons of my questions about the USPHS.

    I've been tentatively selected to participate for SRCOSTEP, probably for the BOP. Anybody else out there trying to get into the USPHS this year?
  5. by   ansci2RN

    I'd love to join the Commissioned Corps, but it seems I discovered it too late. They're having a hiring freeze of sorts. The site says they are overwhelmed with applications and are currently only processing applications from 2011, unless you're a critical need position, which unfortunately does not include nurses. If only I found this a month earlier ...

    I had originally tried to go the military route, but was medically disqualified for a really stupid thing, but which does not disqualify me for the Commissioned Corps. Just my luck ... new grad with nothing going right!
  6. by   Loque
    You're right that they stated they are 'focusing on the existing applicant pool', which included the year 2011. I am attempting to work with COSTEP, and luckily my application was taken for consideration because I met the 2011 deadline.

    I would still keep your head up about the whole thing. They will always need nurses to work in the more remote and less desirable places. Search on Facebook for their company page. The moderator there is very helpful, and punctual with all of the inquires made.
  7. by   ldunbar07
    Hello chesrae,
    I am in the process of applying for SRCOSTP-If everything goes well I will be sponsored by BOP. I just had a few questions for you regarding your process with applying for SRCOSTP and how has your experience been so far? Thanks. I can not PM you because I am a new member so that is why I commented on this post.
  8. by   Nishacat03
    You should still apply. Its been over a year since I've applied and I'm a couple months away from being an officer. Apply now . Even though they are focusing on the existing applications I'm pretty sure u can still apply