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  1. by   bvRN
    The only benefit from getting your military ID prior to COT is the picture they take at COT is notorious for looking really bad. Regarding uniforms, you will still have to go to the clothing store and wait arround with everyone else while they get their uniforms, even if you already have them. This process takes hours. So if you don't have uniforms to get, you will be sitting out on the pad reading your OIs (even though you have read them 1000x over), trying to look busy, ****** off, and starving--from what I remember If you still plan on getting your uniforms prior to COT, you can still get on base with a copy of your orders, without a mililitary ID.
  2. by   wvu1224
    Any chance anyone on here is in the November selection board?!? Or awaiting any further updates or info....