Today is the day!!!!! FY 2013 AMEDD AD RN - page 2

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November 5, 2012. The board should be convening today. Good luck to all that have applied. My wife is so nervous and very worried. They are only taking a very few, and she has super high hopes. They are boarding her as a 1st Lt.... Read More

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    Anyone got anymore insight into the board? I also got in to USAGPAN for 2013 but was told I just made the OML and was not selected. I am VERY disappointed to say the least. It is actually very depressing for me because I wanted this more than anything. As a prior service infantryman with 2 combat tours the Army is something that I am extremely passionate about. I wanted the chance to serve again. Now it is a waiting game because I was told the only way I will get to attend the school is if someone on the list decides they do not want to join and then I can be moved up. I was told by my recruiter that they selected 10 and 3 made the OML. They do not release what number you are on the OML however. Anyway, hope everyone got better news than I did.

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