Thinking about ARMY FNP, some questions...

  1. I will graduate in Dec 2011 as an FNP. My husband is an active duty PA and we've been thinking about doing the dual-military thing. I just had some questions about pay stuff. Does anyone know if I would be immediately eligible for the $20,000/yr (for 4 year commitment, assuming they continue to offer it beyond Dec 31 this year that it is currently authorized through) since I will be certified? Also, if you take a bonus at all, does that make you ineligible for the ISP? Also, I will have 5.5 years RN experience when I graduate, so I will get 2.75 yrs credit? Does my Master's degree add anything into that at all? I know the official calculation may be different, but does this mean I will enter as a 1st Lt. or a Captain? I feel like I should know more after reading all these posts and especially since I've been a military spouse for 8 years, but some of this stuff is really hard to find out. When do I contact a healthcare recruiter? I was told 1 year out by some of the military nurses I know, but it seems like it takes longer than 1 year for a lot of people.
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    I have no answers for you, but I would definitely contact a healthcare recruiter sooner rather than later! Can't hurt to start the process now.
  4. by   CRF250Xpert
    now is a great time to start. getting everything started early means less jumping through hoops as you get closer to your desired entry date. i graduated in december and was in cot the first week of february. i could have taken a january slot, but opted to goof off for a few weeks after quitting my job.

    the point is, get the balls rolling and you’ll have plenty of time to do the whole process the right way. you never know if you’ll need a waiver for something next week that didn’t require one last week so having a time buffer just makes sense.

    depending on your geographical location, don’t be shocked if your recruiter is less than helpful. i entered the usaf through a recruiting office that never had to recruit since folks were knocking on the door to get in. consequently, i had to use dynamite to blast my recruiter off of his butt to do anything. i ended up doing everything except swearing myself in – my recruiter made “lazy” sound like a verb.

    luckily, all of the regulations and paperwork is available online.