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I really had no idea what to expect from working in an Army ER, but I suspected it wouldn't be much different than any other ER. I knew just from my experience with various ERs in the northern and... Read More

  1. by   OBigdog26
    Cool story. I currently work in a freestanding ED where we average 80 plus visits per day. Not bad considering its only 12 beds. We do get some sick people come in that have to get admitted, if they do we call mobile transport to have them shipped 6 miles down the road. Working in the ED is not bad, but it is the frequent flyers and their "challenges" that's really hitting a nerve with me.
  2. by   ncox1
    Worked as a medic in the ER at Madigan, gave me the inspiration to go to nursing school. In the AECP program now just about to finish. Doing one of my clinical rotations here in Houston at an ER downtown. Huge difference! Insurance, homeless, people quitting mid shift... I did see a lot of the same things in the MTF but have to admit not to the extreme that I'm seeing now on the civilian side. I miss the Army ER, hope to become a trauma nurse after my orientation is up at my next duty station. Good article, thanks!