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Tapping into Army Tuition Reimbursement: Cha-Ching! - page 2

During the process of orienting to the post, we had a presentation at the Army Education Center about using our Tuition Assistance (TA) dollars. I listened with interest because I knew I wanted to... Read More

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    I believe the ADSO is just two years after your most recent class ends. I don't know how TA use affects LTHET, though, if at all. Are you planning on applying for LTHET? If so, which subject area? Good luck!!
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    I'm thinking about it! I remember when I was posting questions about BOLC! I'm an 8A now and am totally loving it (except they just put out that we can't sign for the ISP until a year after the course as 8As, because they're not counting our hours in the course towards the CCRN. A year is flying by quick though!).

    I'm thinking CRNA, but not for a few years. We shall see!
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    I know - time flies, right? If life had been different for me, I definitely would have jumped at LTHET. That is a great goal. Congrats on the 8A! The ISP will be sweet when you get it.