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hello everyone, got a question. when applying for the 2012 nurse corp selection boards, are all the applicants all over the country competing with eachother or do you compete with just your region? i was told there were only... Read More

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    Thanks RN4Life2 for clearing that up.

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    I checked with my recruiter and the beginning of the security check must be completed before being commissioned. This consist of initializing the investigation and does not take long, not as long as scroll.
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    Hi RN4Life2!

    I spoke with my recruiter yesterday and she said that my security clearance has come back and is fine. Now we are waiting on congress to sign the scroll. She didn't make it seem like it could take 3-4 months though. She said I should be able to commission next week. Hopefully that will happen sooner than later because the base here is kind of hesitant on doing any medical clearance for my son and I before I commission (which is understandable to me). But I definitely want clearance before I go to COT.

    Thank you for looking into the information for me!
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    Any news on possibly early release of selections??
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    Rarely happens, I was first round selected (first week of selection, early February) and found out one day before the release date (three weeks later). Hurry up and wait is not just a saying, it's a way of life. Good luck.
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    Someone from the "armed forces" contacted my hospital today inquiring about the hospital info for an RN they are considering... )) Trying not to get too excited but that sounds pretty positive to me..... Anyone else hear of something like this happening?
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    Sooo... Do they have their list????
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    Hope they don't make us wait another week.... Time to release results tomorrow! Any news otherwise??
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    Anyone talk to their recruiter today? Any news?
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    Quote from Jenks7
    Anyone talk to their recruiter today? Any news?
    Haven't heard from mine. I've been in a hideous mood this past week. Being in career limbo is really starting to take its toll.

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