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hello everyone, got a question. when applying for the 2012 nurse corp selection boards, are all the applicants all over the country competing with eachother or do you compete with just your... Read More

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    Quote from LN75

    Congrats!!!!! Alaska....I'm so jealous

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    Thank u!!

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    Hi, Jenks7 - CONGRATS on your selection! I am active duty (12 years) and getting commissioned through the nursing active duty commissioning program called NECP. My husband is also active duty and we are heading to Elmendorf in March 2013 (I have to attend COT and NTP first)! Did you get a med/surg slot (46N)? If so I will probably be working with you in the near future!! Congrats again on your selection to the Air Force Nurse Corps!!
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    Stacy! Ha, was searching around for the results list from our board, and found this page. I haven't been on here in a while. Have you ever seen the results list? Congrats to you Jenks7! Stacy and I were in Jan COT, so the class after you. Hope all is well!

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