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hello everyone, got a question. when applying for the 2012 nurse corp selection boards, are all the applicants all over the country competing with eachother or do you compete with just your... Read More

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    thanks jenks7 for hearing me out.

    My question is, does any one know about re-submitting applications for those who were non-selected or anyone that has ever gone through it?

    I need help....

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    I also want to add some of my general nursing background information to have an idea:
    -graduated in 2010 with my BSN degree
    -passed NCLEX Sept 8, 2010
    -Currently working for 1yr and 7months as a Med-Surg Nurse full-time
    -no prior military service

    ...this is basically what my background is trying to apply for the FQ boards as an AF Active Duty nurse

    I was a non-select so I was not sure what could of factored in the decision of me not being chosen.
    I was wondering if anyone could give me any ideas/reasons why you think I wasn't selected. Could it be not having enough experience?

    Any opinions/comments would help....

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    As a non-select from the last board, I totally understand how demoralizing it can be to be a non-select with absolutely no reason given. To say I was heartbroken is the understatement of the year. Here are my specs:

    7yr nursing in Level 1 and 2 trauma centers (both adult and peds)
    3.9 GPA for my BSN
    Advaced trauma education
    Taught EMS classes
    Concurrent experience in transport and burn care
    500 documented preceptor hours
    100 documented CEU's
    100 documented volunteer hours over the last 6 months
    No prior military service

    So really, my recruiter was at a total loss as to why I was not selected on the last boards. Nor did his CO have an idea, but the whole office was ticked off. There was a Captain in the ANG who had 10yr of service as a flight nurse who was trying to go strict active duty with recommendations from 3 Col., he'd worked with in Africa, and HE WAS NOT SELECTED. They recommended he stay in the ANG. My application was blank when his other submissions had pointers of what they wanted to see improved upon. Between the last board and this board, I updated 4 certifications that were about to lapse and got married (meaning my child care waiver went away). Thats it.
    So, as you can see, there really is no rhyme or reason to the selection process. It's simply what they are looking for at the time. My suggestion to you is 100% reapply. Reapply as many times as it takes and continue to get more experience in nursing. DO NOT GIVE UP. I had the thought in my head to not reapply and my recruiter would hear nothing about it. He thought the board made a massive mistake and really made me see that I had everything they wanted in experience in a recruit, which really made me feel better.

    So, I will give you the same advice. If you want in badly enough, continue to apply. Just remember, you will never get the benefits of an AF nursing position that you will as a civilian nurse. Never. That is why I kept after it. This isn't just for me, but for my son and family as well. So do not gove up.
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    Ok so I found out alternate #2 is in. I am alternate #1.... Please tell me I should be getting good news tomorrow.........
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    Hopefully you will Jenks! Keep us posted
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    Quote from ATLRN0828
    Hopefully you will Jenks! Keep us posted
    Thank u! U know I will.
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    I'm in!!! Also in aug COT! Then off to Elmendorf, Alaska!!!!!
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    congrats jenks!! excellent news! was alaska your 1st choice?? Im submitting my package for july.. pray for me!!
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    Quote from jessa951
    congrats jenks!! excellent news! was alaska your 1st choice?? Im submitting my package for july.. pray for me!!
    Thank u. It was my first overseas pick. Not sure why I got overseas pick but not complaining either. Lol. Good luck!!
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    Quote from Jenks7
    I'm in!!! Also in aug COT! Then off to Elmendorf, Alaska!!!!!
    Congrats!!!!! Alaska....I'm so jealous

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