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Does anyone here know if a BSN awarded from an online RN-BSN program like Chamberlain or WGU is acceptable to the Air Force or Navy? I can't find the answer anywhere so far after looking for weeks. I... Read More

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    I am taking one class before enrolling w/ excelsior (I'm currently a 4N). How did you do it? My neighbor is a Health Careers recruiter and is very negative about the track that I am pursuing. Please any info would be great! 2 years ago I had a package rejected by NECP due to the school changing their course plan after I submitted my package (from a fall and spring start to only a spring start). I am practically begging for whatever information you have.
    Can understand why your neighbor does not have a positive outlook about Excelsior. Remember the clinicals with them are hard, and they will fail you on many little things. I had a LPN who worked with me and was going to get failed out of clinicals because the velcro on the BP cuff was bad and she inflated the cuff greater then 10mmhg about last one. This was againist the facilities policy, she had to fight with them to allow her to continue the weekend. Remember, they are seeing if you are at a enter level during clinicals not school level. With that being said, many people to pass the clinicals thru them. Keep up the hard work.