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Hey new member to the forum but always read old posts when I was thinking about doing becoming an RN/while I was in school. Love this site, lots of great info. Anyways I had a few questions for... Read More

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    Quote from Snyder524
    The loan repayment is a big incentive for me so the trouble you've seen with it is disconcerting. I've never really considered Air Force, but I'll look into the and the Navy for that matter.
    We went so far as to be given a bonus control number with regard to the loan repayment---and then were told when payment time came that they couldn't repay the type of loan we had, despite the fact that it was already approved a year prior

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    I do have an OB background and work casually on an OB floor, so I'm assuming that's where I'd be placed then. Which is totally fine with me, but like you said it's most likely based on their needs.
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    The main difference between Guard and Reserve is that the Guard has a state mission as well as the federal -although new law last year enables reserve to be activated for CONUS situations as well. Drill is mostly training and staying current for deployment. If you are moving to Denver, just apply there. It took them 14 months to get me in. I don't know what the actual time is, but most people tell me it took that long or longer. You should also look into the AF, there are air evac units in CO Springs, and Cheyenne. "Air Evac, we bringem back!" Good luck.
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    Thanks for all the responses. If I decide to do this it'll likely be when I move to Denver, just want to get as much info and advice together as I can to make a good decision on this. I've gotten in contact with all three branches (Army, Navy, AF) and am working on setting up sit downs with medical recruiters for all of them. Army and Navy should be easy but I'm having a little trouble finding an AF medical recruiter in Arkansas.

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