Question about Sierra Nevada VA in Reno, NV

  1. I am an experienced RN looking at moving to Reno and as a veteran have always wanted to work for the VA. Can anyone tell me what are the most common pt dx treated at this hospital andwhat kind of shifts the RNs work?Any information about working at the VA would be greatly apperciated.Thanks,Erin
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  3. by   Happysouth1
    looking for the same answers as you, since trying to move from California to Reno, Nevada.
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    trying to post the VA pay scale for the las Vegas area...
  6. by   Jdreamer05
    I recently transferred from the Reno VA to a new one There really is a mix of dx's because the hospital is very small compared to other VA's. There is mental health, long term unit that houses hospice and rehab as well. The ER is pretty small as well as the ICU. Primary care is housed at the main hospital as well. The shifts depend on the unit, some units just went to 12 hour shifts but some nurses still work 8. Long term care is 8 hour shifts. The Reno VA is nice for just starting out, but as far as advancement I would look elsewhere, that is the main reason I transferred.

    Best of luck and hope this helps a little!