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Qualifications for military nurse

  1. 0 Do military nurses have to go through basic training and meet the same physical and medical requirements as all other recruits?
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    The basic training for officers is a bit different than what our enlisted people experience. You would have to meet the same height/weight/physical and medical standards, though. There is a "sticky" at the bottom of the forum with links to the various services where you can find more information: http://allnurses.com/government-mili...ry-647549.html
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    Thank you for your reply. I noticed that your link said that most branches require a BSN. When I've looked on my own at the official websites I did not see that BSN is a minimum requirement. I will graduate with my ADN in just a few months and I have already been accepted into an MSN program to start immediately after graduation. Will I still be considered if I am enrolled in a higher degree program?
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    BSN is now the minimum for all branches. I would think that an MSN from an accredited school/program would be fine, but you should check to be sure.
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    To clarify: you must have the degree, not just be enrolled, before you could commission. Does your potential MSN program allow you to earn a BSN along the way?

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