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Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner - Air Force

  1. 0 Happy New Year!

    Does anyone have any experience working as a PMHNP in the Air Force? I have searched the Internet for base locations for this career field and could not find much. I assume the Air Force is in need of this specially considering they are offering Scholarships in this field. Does anyone have any information on this?

    I am prior service, active duty. I am in my last year of my ASN and looking to transfer to Vanderbilt's RN-MSN program. I may be interested in the scholarship program that the Air Force offers, but would like to know more about duty assignments.

    Anyone pursuing the same track?

    Appreciate the guidance. I love the forum!

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    Just about anyplace the Air Force has a mental health clinic or behavioral health inpatient ward will have a need for the PMH NP. Wilford Hall has merged with Brooke Army Medical center in San Antonio TX and they have a huge need for psych nurses and ARNP's. It is a joint base with the AF and the Army playing nice with each other.

    You most likely aren't finding specific information because it's "merged" into the medical provider category. If you look for openings for psychiatriac doctors and other mental health providers you will find slots for ARNP roles.
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    Thanks for the information

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