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    I am prior military (enlisted) and a Psych NP. I passed my board exam. I am applying to go into the military as a Psych NP and have a question about the physical. I have had 2 mammograms in the past 4 years. Each time they show that I have a benign cyst. I have had follow-up ultrasounds to confirm this and 2 doctors have reassured me that they are normal. I was supposed to have my interview with the Chief Nurse this week until my recruiter received the results of my 2011 mammogram. Now, he is not sure if they will approve my physical because the mammogram. The part that concerns him is where it states that I should have a follow-up exam in 6 months. I am very frustrated right now because I have turned down other job offers waiting for the AF to approve everything. I'm not sure if I should just move on or wait Is there anyone that has encountered issues with their physical because they may need a follow-up test in 6 months? Is this a disqualifying factor? Thanks for the advice!!!
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  3. by   razorshark
    Give your recruiter ALL medical records concerning this condition and submit to the SG for an authorization to continue your application. They will provide in writing of their decision.

  4. by   TigerBlood01
    Thank you for your answer Razorshark! I am going to go to a specialist and get some more documentation proving that my condition is benign and does not interfere with my job performance as a Psych NP. I lift weights, work out at the gym, and have always been very physically active. This condition has never been a problem... Just in case, I have a plan B. Right now, I wish I was a man. lol.