PLEASE HELP!!! IHS nurse grading

  1. 0 ARRGHHH!!!!

    I'm hoping one of ya'll can help me out- I'm trying to apply to IHS, and I'm going nuts trying to figure out what "grade" I am

    I am an ADN RN, have a BA in another field-

    Professional experience: 14 months on a busy TCU unit, six months in ambulatory care family practice- lots with OB-GYN pt's, intakes, lactation consulting, running the flu shot clinics, managing immunization needs, etc

    Any of you have any clue what grade I am? Am I a 9, or still at 7??
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    If it's based on the GS system, I'd definitely say GS-09, at least. Most of the civilian RNs I work with (Army) are GS-10s at least, and that is with an ADN. I think our LPNs are GS-06s or GS-07s.
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    Thank you! this helps, it is the GS system

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