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If the board selects me: how long before ODS? Is it a difference between ocs? How does the travel and moving reimbursement work? I'm just wondering about the cost of finding a place and paying first last and security how that... Read More

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    That can take anywhere from a couple of months, up to a year. My recruiter told me that generally the classes right at the beginning of the year fill with candidates that submit their kits earlier in the year, or werent selected the previous year and have resubmitted. I dont know the true integrity of that. I submitted my kit September of 2011 and was wait-listed until September of this year. I didn't hear any news about my orders until this past August. Then from there I had a month the get everything ready. It moved quickly, but I felt like I had enough prep time before heading off to ODS.

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    Thank u for your help. Do you know how many nurses applied last year and how many were wait listed? How do they determine who gets accepted and who is wait listed? My recruiter is vague on her answers.
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    You're welcome! Last year at the board they pre-selected 48 nurses but had to wait to cut orders due to waiting on the budget to be signed. Once it was signed at the beginning of this year they could only make space for 36. So there were 12 of us that basically had to wait and see if an opening would pop up sometime this year (like if something happened and an individual didn't accept their commission) or if they made space in the last few classes of the year. There are I think 3 of us in my ODS class that were wait listed and finally received a spot at the last minute. The numbers change every year based on the needs of the navy, and with how many retire or decide to get out.
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    I spoke to my recruiter. She said there are about 74 applicants for active duty nurses and they are taking 34. My kit was submitted mid-September so I'm hoping it was early enough to be selected to be reviewed. My GPA is 3.89, 7 years RN experience and excellent interview scores. So, we shall see. I'm so nervous and excited.
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    You sound like a very competitive candidate to me! Best of luck to you!
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    Hi carolinakate88,
    Do you know how many of the 12 on the wait list for FY12 made it through, and if you don't mind sharing, what number were you on the wait list? I'm on the wait list for FY13 and would love to get a better feel for what to expect! Thanks!

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