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Hi I just wanted to know if anyone had any experience in Jacksonville? What is it like working there? What are the hours like? the town itself? Also do you have any advice for me going to ODS next month... Read More

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    Quote from staugnurse
    I live I jax. Orange park is very close. Argyle is in orange park and very close also. I live about 15 mins from the base in Fleming island. I'm not certain if U have children but fleming island area has really goo schools.

    Thank you I will look into that area

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    I live in jacksonville my husband was born here and this is where we moved when he left the Army in 2004. Jacksonville is a beautiful city, as is Orange Park. There are bad parts of town on the westside of the city but for the most part it is so awesome. We have beautiful beaches, very beautiful river life. WE have an NFL franchise which is a huge event every sunday. Very close to St. Augustine (30-45 min drive). St. Augustine is so beautiful. Just make sure you get out to the beaches and other great parts of the city. I think you will love it.
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    thank you..i will look into those areas as well.
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    Quote from Sw88tpea
    Hi there, I went to ODS in February and posted a lot of information on this post. I'm stationed at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth. I have completed the nurse grad program and am now working on the Progressive Care Unit/Critical Care Unit. Feel free to send me questions. Good luck to you all. Go Navy!
    Hi Sw88tpea, just a couple questions for you. I am still in the decision making process of joining the Navy and am always looking for more information. Were you a nurse previously before being Commissioned, or did they just advance you to a special unit quickly? What is the "nurse grad program" is that something all Navy nurses go through, or only new grads? I have been a Nurse for 5.5 years, so just wondering how the process works from transitioning from civilian to military nursing. How are you liking Portsmouth? Is it a nice facility to work at? I still have a lot of learning to do about all of this, but any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    I was a nurse for two years before joining. Even experienced nurses go through the nurse grad program. I felt that it was educational. It was an easy schedule that rotated you through the hospital so you met a lot of people and learned about how the whole hospital works and not just one unit. For experienced nurses they often cut it short.
    It seems that I was able to get to a critical care unit because I have experience. The nurses that came before and after me all had experience as well.
    Also with experience the military can give you 'time in' by moving up your date of rank so you come in higher up than just a new grad. Some nurses can come in as O-2 even.
    I'm enjoying working at Portsmouth. Military nursing is very different but when you get down to it, patient care is patient care and you can do it.
    Feel free to message me more questions.
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    Thanks Sw88tpea,
    I really appreciate all your information on this thread and others I've read from you. I do have some more questions that I would love to ask you. I just have to make a few more posts before I can PM One quick question though. Did it take 13 month to complete the whole application process for you to get in? That just seems like such a long process!
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    Hi AKRN907! The application process depends. Filling out the application itself and compiling your packet probably takes a week after you inform your recruiter of your wishes. When I came in the Navy Nurse Corps board was only meeting once a year to review packets-in September. This meant that all packets for the following year (ie 2013), had to be turned in by Aug 1 (ie 2012). You could get lucky and get everything ready and have it turned in by August. However if you decide you want to join and it's September you will have to wait to have your application submitted for a year.

    The process is always changing but that is how it was when I came in. You recruiter should know what the current process is. The biggest issue I ran into was that your three letters of recommendation had to be dated within 6 months of submission, so I had to present my letters twice.

    I'm ready for more questions whenever you get the chance. Thank you for considering serving. Go Navy!
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    I'm just waiting on MEPS final approval for my kit to be turned in, hoping to have it ready to turn in August for October board. #bitingnails
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    I lived in JAX for 2 years as a Navy nurse. I loved it there! If you like night life then live in Southside since its about half way in between the beaches and the hospital. I lived near orange park when i first moved there and hated it due to heavy traffic. Good luck!
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    Sweetpea: How likely is it for a new grad to commission if they make the first board of the year if they are going in via direct accession. You said that you've worked with new grads. Do you happen to know if they commissioned DA or NCP?

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