ODS aug. 2012 and stationed at NAS Jacksonville - page 2

Hi I just wanted to know if anyone had any experience in Jacksonville? What is it like working there? What are the hours like? the town itself? Also do you have any advice for me going to ODS next month... Read More

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    I will be headed to the August ODS as well but I will be stationed at NMCSD/Balboa - San Diego. See ya'll in Newport!

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    I went to Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University in Atlanta Ga..how about you? and i called the number that was given on my orders for my sponsor but I was told that he or she would contact me in within 3 days and if I dont hear anything i should call back....well its been well over 3 days and I'm probably going to call back by the end of this week...the lady that I spoke with said that I will probably be getting a welcome packet or something. not really sure..im like you...just trying to handle things as they come bc i really dont know what to expect right now...
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    i guess im a little late seeing your post but i hope nclex went well for you..hope to see you in august at training!
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    and when are you supposed to report to NAS JAX...i have to report NLT 28 sept.
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    I report NLT 30 sept which is slow because thats a sunday so I may do that friday just to be safe if i have everything complete living wise... but I did get a sponsor and I have been contacting her about the area and places to live I am planning on going down for a tour of the base before ODS
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    Hi there, I went to ODS in February and posted a lot of information on this post. I'm stationed at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth. I have completed the nurse grad program and am now working on the Progressive Care Unit/Critical Care Unit. Feel free to send me questions. Good luck to you all. Go Navy!
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    yeah 30 sept is a weird date but who knows and yes going down for a tour is definitely a good idea...i need to try to do the same once i get in contact with my sponsor...do you have any clue of the areas you will be looking to reside in?
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    Note re: NLT Date

    The Friday you graduate from ODS counts as a travel day. Verify how many travel days you have (one if you're flying, more if you're driving). The next day you must check in and have your orders stamped regardless of your NLT date. If you don't you will be charged leave again, regardless of your NLT date.

    The sponsor program is great though it still working out the kinks. I did not receive contact from my sponsor until my second to last week at ODS.

    Be resourceful nurses. You can do it!
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    I have been looking in the Orange park area and ortega hills which i believe are close to base
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    Quote from navylynn
    I have been looking in the Orange park area and ortega hills which i believe are close to base
    I live I jax. Orange park is very close. Argyle is in orange park and very close also. I live about 15 mins from the base in Fleming island. I'm not certain if U have children but fleming island area has really goo schools.

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