ODS aug. 2012 and stationed at NAS Jacksonville - page 3

Hi I just wanted to know if anyone had any experience in Jacksonville? What is it like working there? What are the hours like? the town itself? Also do you have any advice for me going to ODS next... Read More

  1. by   Sw88tpea
    Hi AKRN907! The application process depends. Filling out the application itself and compiling your packet probably takes a week after you inform your recruiter of your wishes. When I came in the Navy Nurse Corps board was only meeting once a year to review packets-in September. This meant that all packets for the following year (ie 2013), had to be turned in by Aug 1 (ie 2012). You could get lucky and get everything ready and have it turned in by August. However if you decide you want to join and it's September you will have to wait to have your application submitted for a year.

    The process is always changing but that is how it was when I came in. You recruiter should know what the current process is. The biggest issue I ran into was that your three letters of recommendation had to be dated within 6 months of submission, so I had to present my letters twice.

    I'm ready for more questions whenever you get the chance. Thank you for considering serving. Go Navy!
  2. by   staugnurse
    I'm just waiting on MEPS final approval for my kit to be turned in, hoping to have it ready to turn in August for October board. #bitingnails
  3. by   nursed40
    I lived in JAX for 2 years as a Navy nurse. I loved it there! If you like night life then live in Southside since its about half way in between the beaches and the hospital. I lived near orange park when i first moved there and hated it due to heavy traffic. Good luck!
  4. by   GuelnRn
    Sweetpea: How likely is it for a new grad to commission if they make the first board of the year if they are going in via direct accession. You said that you've worked with new grads. Do you happen to know if they commissioned DA or NCP?