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NTP bases??

  1. 0 I have just started the application process to become an Air Force nurse and recieved my information packet from my recruiter (finally!). He included a list of bases which offer NTP programs (since i will be a fresh graduate) however when i was doing some searching around this forum and other places online i noticed that what he said during our meeting and what is in this information packet seems like it might be slightly dated and i was wondering if anyone has current information on which bases currently and in the near future will still offer the NTP program. The base list that i have is Peterson (CO), Andrews (MD), Eglin (FL), Keesler (MS), Lackland (TX), Langley (VA), Mt. Home (ID), Nellis (NV), Travis (CA) and Wright Patterson (OH). I was hoping to get Peterson, Andrews or Langley however these are the bases that seemed to have conflicting info with what i have found online. Any help or adive is greatly appreciated!!
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    Hmm...I don't know about all of the bases but I will be going to NTP in September/October-ish at Wright-Patterson and I know some people who are going to Keesler and Lackland.
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    I'm at Langely and I've never seen NTP students here. Unless they are planning this for the new hospital opening, which is always a possibility. We do have PNC (training for perinatal RNs).
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    I'm wondering why you are looking for NTP bases. It isn't necessarily where you will be assigned after your short stint at NTP. What are you looking into it for? Are you asking the right question to get the answer you are looking for?
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    Below is the most current list of NTP bases taken from the Nurse Enlisted Commissioning PRogram (NECP) application guidelines. As The Little Greek said your NTP base may or may not be your first duty station.

    a. Eglin AFB, FL
    b. Elmendorf AFB, AK
    c. Keesler AFB, MS
    d. Lackland AFB, TX
    e. Landstuhl AB, GE
    f. Langley AFB, VA
    g. Mt Home AFB, ID
    h. Nellis AFB, NV
    i. Travis AFB, CA
    j. Wright Patterson AFB, OH
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    To my knowledge there is no NTP at Landshtul anymore; I can't imagine them having the time or the room for that given their operations tempo.

    I also don't think Mt Home, Keelser, or Langley are valid at this point. I think Davis-Monthan in Tucson, AZ has NTP now; I keep seeing folks on this forum with orders to NTP in AZ and I don't think they're going to Phoenix. I know Eglin doesn't have NTP because I went to COT with several RNs who were sent to Eglin, but came to Lackland TDY for NTP.

    I think all that's left are Lackland (soon to be Ft Sam/Brooke Army Medical Center), Travis, Wright-Patt, and whichever base in AZ has it. NECP isn't always updated appropriately.
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    The Arizona NTP is off base in Scottsdale. They house you at the Marriott and you train at Scottsdale Shea or Scottsdale Osborn hospitals. this info was actually in the Nurseweek magazine I got. There is one nurse online here who is there now. Luke AFB is here in Phoenix, but it's at least 45 minutes from the hospitals.
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    I knew it couldn't be Luke, and Tucson was the only other base I knew of. Cool - thanks for posting that piece of info.
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    It seems that many of the new NTP slots are located at civilian community hospitals. I know someone who is in NTP in Cincinnati right now. SHe told me that this is being done to give students the most exposure to a variety of nursing experiences.
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    Which is strange because they'll spend their careers working for the Feds in Federal facilities (which for the most part are so far removed from the civilian sector it's like comparing apples to oranges).....I figured it had more to do with funding and a lack of places to put new grads (i.e., more new grads than Wilford Hall and other smaller AF hospitals can handle).

    But we all know about spin, I guess.
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    Haha, I can tell you that they don't have NTP up at Mt Home. They have 10 beds and NO IMPATIENT PHARMACY. I'm sure it's a beautiful place though. And Andrews is supposed to be turned into a clinic soon, I thought.

    And Lackland's Wilford Hall will soon be SAMMC (located on Ft Sam Houston... sorta).

    Sooner than later, all these Base Realignment And Closure (BRAC) projects will change where we train/work. But it's exciting in the meantime!
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    Actually, Wilford Hall will still be Wilford Hall - as a massive outpatient center. We already are SAMMC - we're SAMMC South, and BAMC is SAMMC North. SAMMC North will become the inpatient center, and SAMMC South will be all the clinics. The architectural drawings of this place are amazing!