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  1. Hello All,
    I've been finding lots of useful and interesting information in everyone's posts. So, I decided to start a thread of my own hoping to get more thoughts/advice on my specific situation.

    So, I graduated from nursing school in 2006 and started my first job in July 2007. However, I married my husband later that year, who is Active Duty Army and left my job within in 5 months of starting in order to join my husband. Since then we had a daughter and because of that, I've gone back home every time he deploys because I didn't want to be on my own so far away from home (we are in an OCONUS duty station) while he's gone.

    I've managed to accumulate about 2 1/2 years total RN experience, 2 of which are in NICU. Unfortunately, I haven't made a year in any one place. My longest stint was about 10 months. Most recently, I had a contract position at the local Army hospital for about 6 months.

    I'm now starting the process of applying to the Air Force Nurse Corp. I'm tired of sacrificing my career for my husbands. And to be quite honest, while I realize it's hard work, I just can't pass up on all of the benefits that come with being active duty military.

    I've contacted my local recruiter. However, he/she never called back. So, I decided to contact the recruiter back home (where I'll be returning to in January when my husband deploys, again) and she called me back today. We have a phone interview scheduled for tomorrow and I assume after that I'll be starting the application process and hoping to be ready for the boards in January.

    Any advice/thoughts anyone has is more than welcome. I'm also wondering what you all think my chances of getting my specialty in NICU would be. I don't have my RNC. But like I said, I've sacrificed my career for my husband's military career. Do you think I'll get some "points" because I've been serving as a military spouse and worked at an Army hospital?

    Let me know what you all think. Thanks!
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  3. by   coconutzz
    I wish you the best of luck in applying. It takes awhile to get everything together for your packet, I hope you are able to complete it in time for January. I don't have any idea how your chances look for being picked up but know that there is a lot of waiting and sometimes while you're waiting things change. You being a military spouse does not have much to do with you being selected (or so explained to me by my recruiter because my husband is AD AF). It is neither good nor bad. Just know that if you are AF and he is Army there is a good chance you will not be stationed together. I do recommend that you try to stay positive and make a good alternate plan incase you're not accepted. Good luck! Let us know how the process goes for you and if you are accepted!
  4. by   Grlpwrd
    As an Air Force RN I will tell you that there are only 4 Air Force bases that currently have NICU's, they are in Langley, VA; San Antonio, TX; Landstuhl, Germany; and Okinawa, Japan. That being said, the likelihood of your being stationed with your hubby are slim unless you were both to be stationed @ Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio or in Germany together.
    Being a spouse gets you no brownie points with a recruiter, unfortunately. Getting into the NICU should not be hard since you already have some NICU experience. I see your biggest obstacle as getting assigned with your spouse...I am mil-to-mil but my husband is Air Force so it's less of a problem for us.
    Hope that helps! Good luck to you!