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Hi there, I've been a nurse since 2010 and graduated from University of Portland, Oregon. I worked in mental health and with the red cross for a year before applying for the Navy. 13 mos later I... Read More

  1. by   DSchulte99
    Anything under Good they say they will write your command saying you are unfit. However, none of these count towards your prts for your record.
  2. by   MursingMedic
    Thanks for the advice Rob J.
  3. by   oorahwife
    Thanks DSchulte99 for the heads up, it takes a bit of the pressure off.
  4. by   navyRN1790
    I applied to NCP with a 3.76 at the end of my sophomore year of college. 6 months later I found out i picked up NCP. I commissioned in June went to ODS in September and now I'm at NMCP working Med/Surg. I had no prior experience as a nurse. It's all about timing. They are making budget cuts in the military so it's not a matter they don't want you it's a $$ issue. With your experiences and GPA I wouldn't see why you wouldn't pick up NCP. Good luck! If you have more questions regarding Navy Nurse Corps let me know!
  5. by   Deirdre02
    I am not a nursing student, but I am attending ODS this March and was directed to this page to get some information on ODS. @robsrn888, I just graduated from Duquesne Pharmacy School this past December and was shocked to see another Duquesne alum. Small world! I am physically active and in pretty good shape (I can run about 4 miles without difficulty), however I can only do 30 push-ups max. I read on here that everyone has to do ~300 push ups a day? Is that true? If so I'm in trouble
  6. by   activern

    So I'm assuming you were not able to stay in the mental health area? I work in public health, a clinic in a county health dept., what area would I be placed in? Med-surg? Also, do you know anything about reserves and how that would play out with my current job, etc.?
  7. by   Sw88tpea
    Deirdre, there is a lot of ODS info on this thread. 300 push ups a day? Maybe... But only 10-20 at a time and then you march around a bit and go back to it. I was never told to get down and do 300. Be sure to check the charts for how many you have to do for your Physical Readiness Test. Female Physical Readiness Test Standards

    Good luck and Have Fun!
  8. by   Sw88tpea

    There are public health positions but they are few. You would probably be placed on one of the wards and if you make your wishes known you have the opportunity to transfer after 18-24 months. Note that you're first 6 months fly by so it's not as long as it seems.

    Reserves consists of one weekend a month and two weeks a year. I do not know what training looks like, if you need to take a month off or something.

    Let me know if you have more questions!
  9. by   MursingMedic
    I'm having a hard time just getting someone at my NRD to answer the phone or call me back. It was totally different when I enlisted. Had to beat the recruiters off with a stick.
  10. by   Sw88tpea
    I'm sorry to hear that. There is not a shortage right now. What region/city are you in? I can see what I can do from my end. Feel free to PM me.
  11. by   sandt
    Hi, I will be going to ODS in February and will be stationed at Portsmouth as a nurse..I'm trying to look for housing for my husband, dogs and I..i don't know the area..any advises Also, I'm physically training right now, but unable to pass the failure standards. Anxious and frustrated right now.. I feel like I am progressing on my curl-ups and run; but push-ups are my weakness. I can't break the 90 degrees angle and I keep falling once I do. Help???
  12. by   Sw88tpea
    Dear sandt! Can't wait for you to get here! I may meet you just before I deploy for a few months. I'm from Portland, OR so I wanted something close to downtown, a walk from a great bar, and close to other folks. I live in West Ghent in Norfolk. West Norfolk overall is great (the SW corner, up to 21st, and over to Lewellyn). As a nurse, we work 12 hours shifts and really don't hit much tunnel traffic-the worst is on the way home from night shift (still no where near regular city traffic).

    Portsmouth is hit or miss. Honestly I would not shop for housing there, safety and security are issues. I have several friends that live there but they generally live right outside the gate or in Olde Towne. I have some friends that live in Cheasapeake. Suffolk is quite a drive, as is Virginia Beach. Toward the beach (east down I-264), is nice. There is a Whole Foods and a Trader Joes out that way but it will have more traffic.
    I have wanted to look more at the area near I-664 and HWY 164. I tend to look at where the grocery stores are. There is a Harris Teeter there which is an upscale grocery store (ie. if Walmart is your thing, take a look at where they are on google maps).

    Note: my pushup trick was to do 10 every time I walked into my bedroom/everytime I came and left my house/before eating. Eventually those muscles will get up there. When I arrived to ODS I found that I was much harder on myself than my Chief was. It is always easier to do pushups when you are next to 10, 20, 30+ other sailors, in PT gear, doing push ups. You can do it!

    Feel free to PM me. I'm happy to help out. I have a realtor that could help you out too. Let's get in contact.
  13. by   sandt
    Hey Sw88tpea!!! I'm having trouble PM you. This is my first using this website. Do you have an email? I am so stoked. I am from San Diego, CA. I was a nurse manager for a community clinic for less than 6 months. This is my first time working as an RN at a hospital setting. I am so excited! Hopefully I can see you before you leave. Do you do 3 days of 12 hour shifts? Also, for ODS I am really worried on passing the PFTs. I feel like I am out of par. Did you guys have to do a swim test and tell me your experience? When you arrived at Rhode Island airport, where did you report? Did someone take you to the base? I just need to get from point A to point B. I feel like I am everywhere right now....please let me know your email so I can PM you?