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Can new army nurses get posted to LRMC in Germany?... Read More

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    Mid-level providers generally refers to PAs and NPs.

    A couple of my brand-new-nurse 2LT buddies at BOLC had Landstuhl as a first duty station, so it still happens.

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    Thanks for clearing that up Lunah.

    I would be annoyed if someone looked at me as midlevel provider. Good thing I am not one of them. I do not like that term.
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    My husband was deployed there 2008-2009. He and I went back to visit after his deployment. I loved it there, and would LOVE to go back. He is now retired Navy with Navy DoD Occupational Health Nurse job. I am one class away from having my Masters in Nurse Ed. Sure wish a DoD job would pop up there at LRMC!
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    I was there during that time frame. Were you in the ICU?

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