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Hi there, I've been a nurse since 2010 and graduated from University of Portland, Oregon. I worked in mental health and with the red cross for a year before applying for the Navy. 13 mos later I found myself at Officer... Read More

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    I'm sure people do. Some things I'm glad I did before I left: 1) Leave copies of credit cards, bank accounts, passwords, vehicle titles etc with a family member just in case 2) Changed my mailing address to a family member temporarily so they could look out for important things 3) Called my apartment right before I headed into ODS to make sure the loose ends are tied up after the move out 4) Pack all my nurses stuff for work right after ODS-stethoscope etc.

    Somethings I wish I did:
    1) Pack a bag with civilian clothes for after ODS until I get my HHG (took two weeks)-I could have left it in my car or with my family to bring at graduation

    Feel free to ask more questions!

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    Hey yall,

    A month ago, LCDR G. told me I would be going to ODS in Sept and reporting to NAS Pensacola (grew up an hour west Pcola, join the Navy to see the world and go to my backyard LOL). However, I am truly learning the government term of "hurry up and wait." My local NRD is taking their time getting me on deck. I have not even been commissioned yet (hopefully by the end of this week or next). Also, I have not been given any contact info to get a hold of Pensacola. I keep hounding my recruiter for what it says on my order because I have just some notes written from a phone conversation with LCDR G., but he says he cannot pull them up. I am getting a little stressed since 8SEP is coming up FAST!

    Regarding housing: If we live on base in BOQ or some other housing, do we still get BAH to pocket? I feel like I should wait to contact the moving personal for my HHG until I have orders in-hand in case something changes.
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    Yes it can be a frustrating process. Don't do anything until you have orders in hand! But be ready to depart asap-you can always go in the next ODS class. Since you're under 14days it would take a lot to get you there. If you want to go in September, I would be in that recruiter's office at 9AM everyday this week-holiday is coming up so you can plan on nothing getting done Friday-Tuesday morning.

    What do you need to talk to Pensacola about? It's rare to have contact with your duty station before you arrive. They don't know you're coming if your orders aren't cut yet. No BAH if you are on base-Portsmouth paid for 10 hotel nights upon PCS.

    There's a lot going on here but nothing can go forward without orders. I have a friend in Pensacola if you have more specific questions.
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    I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone on this forum!! My boyfriend and I have both hit our 1 year nursing experience post-school and are applying for Direct Accession, him for ICU/Critical Care (that's what he's in now) and me for Med/Surg. We both have our PPIS and NASIS forms in and are waiting for medical clearance to do MEPS (oh the drama of medical histories). Our recruiter just happened to go on her honeymoon last week so we've been kind of in the dark. It seems like we're playing the "hurry-up-and-wait" game at the moment for MEPS and then hopefully onward!

    All of the questions and everything have been so helpful, thank you! And thank you to everyone who is responding!!!

    This might seem a silly question, but ODS is the five week training, correct? Not the twelve week one?
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    Congrats to you both!

    ODS is 5 weeks for staff officers (medical, nurse, dental, lawyer, chaplain, nuke) and OCS is 12 weeks for line officers (everyone else).

    You have your letters of recommendation and interviews? When I came in last year they were only reviewing applications once a year-in September. I had decided I wanted to come in, in September so I have to wait a year to even turn in my packet. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the ODS clarification--I just wanted to make sure haha

    And yes, I have all of my letters, all my interviews and all of the background clearance and other paperwork done. Unfortunately with the holiday next week, I had to schedule my MEPS for Wednesday at the earliest, but at least now it's scheduled!! I can only hope that I make it in on time. I think my recruiter is kind of trying to lull me into reality, saying that *if* I get wait-listed (which I'm trying to prepare myself for...:uhoh21, I guess they added 17 spots last year after they closed the billets? So she's hoping that will happen again, as am I!!!
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    I was one of those 17. Worst case scenario if they don't choose you as an alternate for a FY you just go back in at the end of the year, update your paperwork, and resubmit for the next board (that's what my recruiter advised. Luckily that didn't need to happen). He said they always make conservative cuts at the beginning of the year, and then always find ways to add more throughout the year. I submitted my kit at this time last year and got into the Sept ODS at the last minute.
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    Look forward to meeting you all this weekend!!
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    Good luck to you all! I look forward to seeing you in the Big Navy!
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    I'm graduating in December and would like to join the Navy Nurse Corps. I spoke with an officer recruiter and had a lot of my questions answered but I recently thought of another that someone may be able to answer. How does the application process work? From what I understand I have to start getting everything together and it gets sent off...but how long can that take? I guess what I am worried about is graduating and still not having heard anything back about acceptance/denial...I am a little lost on this if anyone at all could clarify.

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