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I have read almost all the feeds from regarding the army. I have contacted army recruiters, and no one has called me or emailed back. I have emailed directly to the AMEDD recruiter. I was told by the National Guard Nurse... Read More

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    Quote from jeckrn
    Because of the small amount of nurses needed by the Army the recruiters are speading most of their time focused on other heathcare professionals who are harder to recruit. Hang in there and keeping trying to contact a recruiter. I do not know how many direct commission nurses they need for the upcoming FY14, which is when the next board is. If it is anything like last year the numbers will be low; as others have posted the Army only took around 40 direct commission nurses. I would not be suprised if the number will be lower for next year. Right now no one knows what the manpower needs will be so the recruiters are not going to spend alot of time on it yet. Keep up the hard work get the best grades that you can since it will be very compative again next year. Community involvement will also help make you more compative.
    this is true, community service is a biggie. volunteer whenever you have a chance, and if you were to volunteer in some sort of military field that couldnt hurt lol. The VA is always looking for volunteers. So many veterans need help out there.

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    Have the recruiters given you any indication of the minimum of BSN to join? Make sure they know your expected date of graduation. Did you try other services Air force or Navy? Each have nurse corp.
    I hate to recommend other services than Army since I am retired Army Nurse corp. If I had 20 years to do over the Air force would be worth looking at. The experieces from my military career were exceptional.
    Best wishes
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    If you are strongly interested in joining the military one there is another option. Focus on finishing your BSN and then go to work in a high demand area such as ICU, Psych Nursing, or Emergency Nursing. Once you have one or two years experience in those areas then talk to an AMEDD recruiter. The attitude change may surprise you.

    Caveat #1 if they direct commission you as an ICU nurse be sure the recruiter puts it in WRITING. If it isn't in writing he or she is LYING to you. LOL

    You talked about the National Guard. Have you talked to an Army Reserve recruiter? Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and Public Health Service also recruit nurses. the PHS is an interesting branch that uses Navy ranks and sends healthcare workers to places such as Indian reservations or inner city public hospitals. If you want to get "combat" experience there is a job for you.

    A third option, although you are almost too late with already acquiring your BSN, is to talk to the ROTC. Find an ROTC adviser on campus and talk to them. They may not recruit you for the ROTC but they may have contacts with the recruiting command and may know someone who will help.
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    I hope you can find the right recruiter for the Army, but if not or while you are waiting go talk to the Air Force. We are all serving the same country, USA!
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    If i could get to talk to someone I would tell them that I am one semester away. I have talked to the guard didn't get much of a response except they are not looking for nuses. I contacted the air force and have heard nothing back from the I am too late for ROTC. My university does have a ROTC program but they said it is too late seeing this is my last semester. I checked the PHS and they are not taking anymore applicants. I have done my research and put in some leg work. This is something you work hard for and thats what I am doing.
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    you probably have checked with just about everyone but just in case try looking at this link Nurses |

    They have some links that allow you to search for a recruiter and/or contact them directly. The drawdown is impacting the medical people and the financial uncertainty at the moment isn't helping. But, I do know that we always seem to need nurses.

    And that is part of the paradox. I know we are short on nurses but the recruiters may not be recruiting depending on if they have met thier recruiting goals already and other factors. If you live in an area where the recruiting goals are low you may need to actually find a recruiter from an area who is having trouble filling his allotment.
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    OP - I just wanted to pass along a bit of information to you. I am starting up applications and per the Army, they are now only considering nurses with at least 6 months of nursing experience for the Nurse Corps. So obviously no new grads. I received this information in an email yesterday when I posted a question with the online recruiter. I then received a call later on from a recruiter who confirmed that is a new requirement.

    As far as I know, USAF and Navy still take new grads.

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