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    Does anyone know what the current needs of the Navy are? I spoke to someone who used to be in the nurse corp and they told me anything psych is in high demand. I was also told that the Navy is in no way hurting for nurses. Is there anyone that can tell me what specialties are in high demand? Also what does the navy grad or experienced nurses? Hopefully I get a last post wasn't so lucky

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    I know ICU is a Navy need. Med/Surg last year was opened in October and closed out by December. Hope that helps you some.
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    Thank you so much for your post! I really do appreciate it! I'm hoping to hear from a recruiter soon...Thanks again!!

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    My recruiter told me last year they opened Med/surg board in October and closed in December. She said the took mid 40 of applicants. Critical care is always in demand.
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    Thank you staugnurse for your response. Is the navy seeking experienced grads over new grads? Do new grads always start on med/surg?
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    I'm do not know. I'm sorry
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    I would suggest contacting a recruiter. They can give you accurate, up to date info.
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    Thanks anyways! I've already contacted a recruiter. Just waiting to hear back from them. Seems like its taking an eternity (it's really only been two weeks). I'm a combination of curious/anxious/excited about beginning this process! Thanks again!!
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    Needs for navy ICU OR and mental health per my recruiter.

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