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NECP Nursing School?

  1. 0 Hi everybody, I am taking my pre-reqs for the NECP program and I am looking up different nursing schools to attend, that also has AFROTC. I would like to submit/apply and attend fall 2018. I already have completed the 60 credits, for the pre-reqs I still need, Chemistry, A&P II, and next semester I am taking Statistics, Nutrition, and developmental Psychology. I know certain universities have there own other pre-reqs that I will probably have to take.

    Does anybody know of any school I would be able to get in with the classes I am going to take? or with only 1 or 2 more classes?

    What are the universities you guys attended and or was it hard to get into?

    Anything will help, THANKS!
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    NECP and ROTC are two different commissioning programs. NECP (Nurse Enlisted Comissioning Program) is for currently enlisted air force personnel who have 2 years of time on station and who have not exceeded 10 years of service.

    ROTC is for civilian college students.

    Generally, you can't be eligible for both.
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    No, my apologies, what I was saying was the university I go to has to have an AFROTC detachment there. I am already active duty with 2 years TOS. I was just wondering what universities others who went through the NECP program what university did they attend and how was it? and did they have any in mind for me to go to.