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  1. Hello, I am a college student taking regular core classes at the moment. For the longest time I have known I wanted to become a nurse. But I am also very service oriented too. I loving traveling to places and doing mission trips in the summer and winter time. So after combining these two together I began looking at the navy and their opportunities. Their website looks really cool talking about all these different places and what's life like as a navy seamen but I have not talked to a navy recruit yet because I know they will just sweet talk about the navy the whole time. I am asking, what it's like being stationed to different places every so often, nursing life, boot camp, whatever else comes to mind about navy and particularly navy nursing please tell me what it is like. Thank you for your help.
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    If you'd like to be a nurse in the military, you'd first have to complete your BSN and then you would apply to commission into the Nurse Corps. There are programs in the Navy, Army, and AF that you could apply for while a student and then agree to a committment after graduation. I would get into contact with a healthcare recruiter as soon as you can. You don't have to worry about them sweet talking you or hounding you like they did years ago. With the current economy, there is no shortage of applicants and the branches now have their choice of who they want to select. I had considered the Navy before deciding to apply for AF nursing. There wasn't a Navy Healthcare recruiter in Hawaii, so I could only try to contact them via phone or email. It took 3 months for me to actually get a hold of someone from the recruiting station. By then, the annual board had already passed. If it is something you really want to pursue, keep your GPA strong, volunteer within your community, and start looking into the process now. It can take anyway from a few months to an entire year to complete the application process. If selected, you wouldn't be attending the typical bootcamp per se, but a shorter, more field specific officer training program. Feel free to read through the Navy Nursing Questions Answered forum, it's a wealth of information!!! Good luck