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  1. 0 Hello, everyone My name is Nina and I just graduated from the NCP program and will be leaving for ODS in August. ODS is the 5 week officer training in Rhode Island. I was wondering if anyone has went before and can tell me what to expect. Like what you can take with you, what you need to know before going, whats an everyday routine like, just everything and anything you can tell me... Thanks really appreciate it!!
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    This thread would be a good place to start. Congratulations on joining!!!
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    Here's more great info. You can pm me if you have specific questions.
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    One of the best things I can tell you is to remember that whatever you take with you, you have to haul up 4 flights of stairs and you have to find a way to store it in your room! Very limited space! There are a ton of irons and ironing boards already there. There is a store room that has a ton of stuff people didn't use all of while there....such as cleaning supplies and laundry soap. Tons of alarm clocks in there too. Anything you aren't sure if they would have, you could wait to see once you get thee and if you need to go to the exchange to get it!

    If you arrive the day before class starts make sure you eat. You can go to the galley but if you get there too late you are out of luck!

    Be sure you are in shape for the physical side. Follow directions and most of as a team. You will form some pretty awesome bonds with shipmates.

    Always lock your wall locker and be prepared for unannounced room inspections! Don't get caught with food in our room...that ends badly!

    Relax and take it all in because it's a great time!
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    Hi Nina,

    I will be headed to the August ODS as well. I'm currently training by running daily and reviewing the material that we will learn: Ranks for Navy & Marines, Sailor's Creed, Anchors Aweigh, Phoenetic Alphabet, General Orders of a Sentry.

    Navy Nurses on AllNurses are awesome! They offer plenty of advice and tips about ODS all over the forums that I have taken notes on.

    See you in Newport!
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    See you guys in in AUG. Heading to Jacksonville after ODS. Actually, I have decided to move to Jacksonville and get my family settled before I leave for Rhode Island.

    Good Luck!!!!!
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    Are you going to Jacksonville Nc or fl??? Im excited but I know someone who just finished 3wks ago with ODS and she gave me slot of info
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    I've been reviewing some stuff as well...Evan though I know someone who just finished ODS she said u can but honestly she didn't and was just fine ... And I love this site too just makes everything easy!!
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    I'm heading to Jacksonville, Fl. Very, very nervous about ODS still working on my push ups and curl ups.
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    I'm headed to NASJAX as well. I graduate this August 3, haven't been given an ODS date yet.
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    This is an amazing website! I will also be at ODS in Aug. I am very excited
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    hi 1spunky sorry i had to find you by searching you posts..but will you private message me your email address? for some reason I was not able to respond to the private message you sent me.