Navy nurse questions!

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    I have been inspired to join a branch of military since freshman year of high school now i am a senior and ready for college. I know I want to get my college education first, so I do not want to join as a recruit. I have always wanted to be a nurse. So I have decided I want to be a nurse in the navy. However, I have a few questions and I would very much appreciate honesty!
    1. Is it better to get your degree first and then speak with a recruiter?
    2. After I enlist do I have to go to boot camp or is there some kind of boot camp for officers?
    3. I was researching and saw A and C school come up, can someone explain exactly what that is?
    4. If you already got your degree before enlisting do you have to go to A and/or C school?
    5. What is the navy nurse corps?
    6. Is everyone with a college degree an officer?
    7. I know that being in any branch of military you can encounter dangerous situations, but I just want to know if any of you have experienced anything as a nurse.
    8. Do navy nurses (females) have to cut their hair at boot camp? (Just wondering I don't mind chopping my hair off)
    9. What kind of uniforms and how many uniforms do navy nurses get?
    10. Does the navy pay for college? And what kind of benefits do you get?
    11. How long are deployments? And after book camp then what? Do you get time off after book camp? How do you prepare for boot camp?
    12. Last thing, can someone give me a step by step idea of becoming a navy nurse? (A suggestion)
    I'm single and don't have any kids. I'm going to keep it that way so I can focus on work so deployments are not a problem to me! I've been a competitive boxer and kick-boxer since middle school, so I'm in pretty good shape. I would also love to hear some stories of your experience or current time as a navy nurse! Thank you for your service and time!

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    Lots of good questions, but if you are a high school senior and desire to be a navy nurse, I recommend NROTC. You'll skip the boot camp and the hair cutting.
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    Thanks for your response! If you don't mind me asking, what is NROTC?
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    It's actually a pretty great program. You go to college and study nursing like a normal college student, but you also take a few classes every semester that teach you the ways of the Navy. They offer scholarships, too, so you can focus on getting the best education possible. I did a brief stint in the Army version and I loved it (long story as to why I didn't stick with it, but the program itself was amazing).

    Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Home Page
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    Okay great! So I'm still a little confused, is it only offered at various colleges? And do you still have PT?
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    You still PT a few times a week and it's pretty early. They have a place on that website where you can look and see if the schools you are interested in have the program.
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    I didn't see the link at the bottom of your last reply but I just checked it out. It was very helpful! Thank you so much for your time, you seem very informative. Did you go through this program? And are you a navy nurse currently? Sorry for all the questions I just want to be clear on becoming a nurse in the navy!
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    I am none of the above. I am currently a senior nursing student who used to be enlisted in the Navy. I want to go back into the service, but I am not sure in what capacity. I wish you the best of luck! The military was my favorite experience in life so far.
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    Thanks again for your help! I think I have a pretty good idea on what I'm going to do. I wish you the same!
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    I have been going to college i already took all my requirements to apply to the rn program but i have no luck on getting in the program my classes are expiring soon. Therefore i decided to join the navy to finish nursing thier to. I serioulsy neen an advice because i am going crazy tring to get into rn school and the navy recruiters are no help.

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