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Here's my clear and concise background. I graduated with my BSN in December 2010. I work in the MICU that has 10 beds, but the total number of ICU beds in the hospital I work for is 30. I am 23 and... Read More

  1. by   Oldlove
    Bleeme I hope you get in as well. By that one paragraph you wrote, you deserve this just as much as anyone else. To me, you understand what nursing's about and not much people do even after years of experience. You'd make a great officer!

    On a second note, my awesome awesome recruiter just gave me a heads up. So the program manager said that FY12 kits are being reviewed right now and they won't release the results to be professionally rec'ed until mid-September. So more waiting, which is unforturnately the military way...

    Hang tight everyone.
  2. by   Purple_Demon_RN
    I was professionally recommended in June, and then final-selected in July.
    The thing is that you can be professionally recommended all day, but you still won't go until you're final selected. I read a guy's post on here that was professionally recommended for a year before he was final selected.
    I have one comment about the NCP that should be made known. When I had my face-to-face interview with a LCDR, he asked me if I was trying NCP and I told him no. He said that was definitely a good thing because those doing NCP go straight to med-surg. Not that I think med-surg is a bad ting, but I'm trying to go back to school and I need critical care experience for that. Anyways, he also told me that while he was working in Norfolk for the Navy, thee were tons of med-surg nurses that were trying to get into critical care, but they were never allowed to transfer. Therefore if you're trying to go back to school at some point, I would try and work in an ICU for a year, get your CCRN, and then go into the Navy.
  3. by   1spunky
    I'm 38 so I didn't want to wait and take the chance of having to get an age waiver. I have also heard about ncp's going to med surg, but I have also heard from nurses that thet were able to transfer after a year. (Peds, women's health etc) I guess it just depends on where you want to go. I encourage everyone to stay positive. I had just about given up when I got a call from my
  4. by   delaneyjaney
    I was told they recently made it so NCP's no longer go straight to med-surg and that after the 12 week internship you participate in (where you go to multiple floors) wherever you excel and the need is is where you will go. My recruiter told me this when I saw him recently. I've been in the program for over two months and he said he was just told about this when they got the info about the spots for the 2013 graduation year. I'm planning on taking a critical nursing course during school as an elective and I currently work as a nurse intern on a critical care floor, I'm hoping by showing initiative and excelling during the 12 weeks will make a spot in critical care possible. Don't forget that ER and Labor and Delivery can count for critical care. This is what one of my professors (retired navy in 2008) told me last week.