Navy NCP online/campus degree

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    Hi everyone,

    I am set on applying for the Navy NCP next year after I finish my ADN and start my BSN. I have read in this forum that some recruiters are saying that online degrees are not accepted. Does anyone know if this is true or not?


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    I briefly recall that the school has to have a certain type of certification to qualify. Best of luck.
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    Thanks! You're absolutely right, the school has to be CCNE accredited. What I was referring to was whether I could qualify for the NCP with either an online or on campus degree (from a CCNE accredited school). I'm really hoping it doesn't make a difference. I'm still waiting for a recruiter to get back to
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    You can obtain an RN-BSN degree online with the NCP, that's how I did it. As long as it's NLN/CCNE.
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    Thanks! I really didn't want to commute over an hour away.
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    Linnaete, also, how long ago did you go through NCP?
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    I graduated in October, conferred in December and went to ODS in January.
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    I talked to a recruiter who said that the Navy does not take online degrees. Was your program an exception? Where did you go to school?
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    Hey! One recruiter told me that the Navy does not accept online degrees for the NCP, but I spoke with another recruiter shortly after that and she said that she got someone selected for the NCP with an online degree. So now I am working on getting together a package for next year. I would talk with the recruiter some more or find another one.
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    Thanks Christina3737! As soon as I get my letter of acceptance (from an online RN-BSN program) I'm just going to get the ball rolling with my kit! When do you graduate from your program?

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