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  1. Hi everybody! I was accepted to the NCP in the Navy earlier this year. I graduate in December and the will head off to ODS beginning of 2017. I couldn't find any other recent threads for NCPers, so I just wanted to see if anyone else will be graduating around the same time and going to ODS around the same time as well. That way we'll kind of get to know each other beforehand as well, if we do end up in RI at the same time.
    If anyone who is already in the Navy working as a nurse or has gone through NCP as well, do y'all have any advice or tips? The three major duty stations from what I've heard are San Diego, Bethesda, and Portsmouth; what is it like working there and what is the area like? I submitted my duty preference sheet around two weeks ago, how long does it take to find out where I'll be stationed?

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  3. by   chely21
    I'm applying to the program this Summer, 2016 and I won't know until November. I'm worry about my chances to get accepted it. Can you tell me what kind of questions do thy ask during the phone or face time interview. I'm sorry, I know you were looking for some answer not for questions, but I couldn't help to ask you since you are already in. Also what did your recruiter told you about the average GPA to get accepted?
  4. by   lasarazen
    Hi there! I am not an NCP participant (coming in as a direct accession), but I will be headed to ODS this fall - I just got my selection letter a few days ago, so I don't have a class date/number yet. However! I am a big believer in seeking out mentorship as well as offering whatever wisdom I can share as an ER nurse and former Army officer. I'll likely be done with ODS before you're headed out there, but feel free to add me as a contact, and perhaps I can be of some help to you down the line!
  5. by   romv3896
    It is a very competitive program, that's for sure. But don't get your hopes down, stay positive . The toughest part is the waiting, the board doesn't meet until November or so, so it takes a while to find out. The questions they asked were mostly general, but depending on how you answer them, they'll base their questions on that. Some of them included "why do you want to join the Navy?" or "What is your goal as a nurse?" or "Why do you want to be a nurse?" Make sure you read up on the history of the Navy a bit and a bit about the various hospitals and the hospital ships. When they end the interview, they'll usually ask if you have any questions for them. It's good to ALWAYS have some questions for them. You can ask the interviewers about their career in the Navy or if they have any advice for you, a future Navy nurse. As for the GPA, I'm pretty sure the requirements are that you have at least a 3.0, but obviously, the higher the better. My recruiter said to keep my GPA above a 3.5, just in case. But that doesn't mean that a GPA below 3.5 is bad.
    When do you graduate?
  6. by   romv3896
    lasarazen, BSN, RN:
    That is so amazing, congratulations!!!
    I would love any advice and wisdom you have to offer, thank you so much!!!
  7. by   romv3896
    lasarazen, BSN, RN:
    How long have you been an ER nurse? I want to go into critical care and possibly ER, but I figure that since I'll be a new graduate, I'll probably be in a medsurg unit at first. In reference to ODS, once you find out more, can you tell me what it is like? I know that it is 5 weeks up in RI and I browsed through the ODS website, but I just want to be as prepared as possible. Do you know where you will be stationed?
  8. by   chely21
    Hi Romv3896,

    Thank you for getting back to me. I will graduate May 2018 for the U of M. My nursing GPA is 3.87 but my college commutative GPA is probably around 3.6. I think my GPA is competitive enough.
  9. by   lasarazen
    I have exactly 1 year of ER experience (my first RN job right out of nursing school), so was able to be "credentialed" as a 1945 (ER/Trauma nurse), and that is the billet I was selected for. I'm not sure what they do with NCP accessions, but 99.9% sure you will start out as Med/Surg (or I've heard possibly L&D - I know the Air Force NTP program accesses new grad RNs into either M/S or L&D). I will absolutely share my ODS experiences with you! There is a blog I found (not sure if I can hyperlink it here), some gal from WA that talks about going to ODS and being a new Navy nurse (via NCP) - just Google "Life as a Navy Nurse + navynurse26" and it should pop up. I have no PCS orders at this time, but PRAYING for San Diego. In the meantime, I am reading In and Out of Harm's Way, and plan on getting a copy of the Bluejacket's Manual before I head out to ODS. There is also a few pages of memorization items that are in the "ODS Smartpack" on their website....better to have those locked in prior to arriving at ODS, as there will be a bit of a culture/schedule shock for you to begin with (unless you are prior service military and have been thru this type of training before), and rote memorizing will be the last thing you will want to do lol!
  10. by   romv3896

    That GPA is amazing!! They'll look at your overall college GPA I'm pretty sure. You definitely have a competitive GPA! Congratulations! My overall GPA was around a 3.55, but my nursing GPA was around a 3.75 when I applied.
  11. by   Cabralie
    Chely21: when are the applications due?

    Can someone tell me a little bit more about the application process? About how long it takes to get a completed package? I start nursing school in Jan. When is the earliest I can apply? My school is 27 months. Do you know if there is a waiver?
  12. by   chely21
    Hi Biancathomas,

    I started the process the beginning of May, and I'm done with everything except the two interviews, which I will probably get it done in the next few weeks. It can take you up to 3 months or more, the soonest you start the process the better.
    I believed you can apply 2-3 years before graduating nursing school. My program is 3 years long. I began the process of the application right after finishing my sophomore year. I know people who applied after finishing freshman year. For sure you need to be accepted to a BSN program first. I know there are waivers for certain things, but what type of waiver are you referring to?
  13. by   Cabralie
    I have been accepted into a program that is 27 months long. I know Ncp pays up to 24 months of the 1000. Would I just be exempt from the remaining three months or does that automatically disqualify me from being accepted? My graduation should be May 2019. What FY would I be applying for?
  14. by   chely21
    Here is my contact if you would like to send me an email instead.