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I have seen a few threads out there representing different years so I wanted to put this one out there. I am applying this year toward acceptance for the grad year 2015. Who is with me?? I'd love to be able to talk about... Read More

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    Im not doing it at meps... both portions of my physical have been amd will be at the medical center san diego...

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    The recruiter is meeting with me in another week or two to discuss everything and to tell me the dates and what to expect from the interviews...

    Yea im sooo nervous and sooo on edge... I wish it was an instant yes!!!! It's gunna be a looooonnngggg wait till november!! But at least I can make some friends here to wait with!!!

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    Heard from my recruiter today. Supposed to have my interviews sometime this week. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm super nervous!!
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    Awesome!!!! Great luck!!!!!
    Yea tell me how it goes... I wish I could just sign already!!!

    I think about the navy all day!!!
    Lol thabk god my husband is a marine or he'd think im nuts!!!


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    Yay! I'm very happy you guys are further into the process and seem to have more luck with your recruiters than I do. How did your interviews go, Jungleberry?
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    I haven't had them yet. My original recruiter transferred and I just heard from his replacement yesterday. So hopefully I don't have to wait much longer before I can get the interviews done and complete my kit.
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    Yea finn...
    My recruiter has gotten lax too... I think its cuz its all just about done cept the interviews....
    I keep checking my phone in hopes of something new and awesome... no dice... I hope we all get in...
    I wish we had like somewhat of a clue as to where we stand...
    Any of you know how soon after getting our yes (which we will) we get to sign and then are considered "IN"??
    Good luck finn!!!
    You're gunna kill those interviews!!!

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    Yea, they might be a little slow because there's time before boards and not much left for our kits like you said. From what I've heard recently it might take a while to sign after being accepted. Hopefully things change by fall and we can sign ASAP. It would definitely be nice to know where we stand compared to other applicants, It's nerve wracking not to know. Thanks, good luck to you too! Hope you get scheduled for your interviews soon!
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    Quick question that one of you may know, are the number of seats available determined by FY or calendar? I would like to do the NCP but I am a bit late to the game (decided to make a career change in the Winter). Right now I am looking at a summer 2015 graduation from my BSN and I know I am probably waaaaay too late to submit a kit for 2015. If I push my graduation back to December 2015 would I be considered in the 2016 grouping (for which I would apply in August/October, correct?)?

    Unfortunately my recruiter is new and horribly unhelpful....
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    I believe the number of seats available depends on the needs on the Navy. There's a certain amount of people they like to have in and if nurses get out of the Navy it opens up spots for new nurses. The next board is in August I believe, so if you can get your kit complete before then you should be able to submit for FY2015. As for your grad date and which FY you'll be put into, I really don't know. Your recruiter should be able to shed some light on that.

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