Navy NCP 2013 - page 2

Saw a Air Force NTP 2013 and it had great discussion and talk so might as well start a NCP for the navy as well? Anyone applying or looking into the NCP for 2013? or already in the NCP that would like to give us newbies some... Read More

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    Another bit of information about the boards:

    The boards do not wait until all the packages are submitted and then sit down and have one board meeting to pick who gets in and who doesn't. Instead, they have a selection board once or twice a month (usually once a month) where they review the packages that have been submitted so far. If you meet all the criteria and have a decent package, you get accepted. The goal of the board is to fill the seats in the NCP as soon as possible because they have to fly Navy Nurses from across the country to EACH of these board meetings to select the candidates...that costs money. So, it is in your best interest to get your package done early early EARLY. It's first come first serve. Questions?

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