Navy - Homesteading or single base assignment?

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    Just a quick question for those who know - for those of us nurses taking our first CONUS assignment (new grad), does the Navy offer any type of homesteading (Air Force had this when I was enlisted). If not, is it policy to basically stay at your assigned base unless you put in for orders? Example, if stationed in Virginia as my first assignment, will I be naturally PCS'd in a few years or do they require we put in orders to do so?

    Considering whether i'd like to buy a house in the next 5 years


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    From what I've heard deftonez, about a year before your 3 year mark your detailer is supposed to get ahold of you and have you fill out another top 3 dream sheet. Then, when the time comes you get PCSed. I was told its every 3 years in the Navy. You may want to contact your detailer.

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