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I have finally been selected for ODS FY 2017!!! Any other RN's out there heard any good news lately?... Read More

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    How does CCRN determine bonus money? As far as I know only legnth of enlistment determines it for a BSN. The CCRN only increased your chances of getting picked up I thought. Please link the instruction if you find it.
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    This link says 2014, but the totals are the same for CCRN. You can't double dip, no isp and accession bonus.

    it does lock you into the bedside for as long as you agree to take the bonus. So if you plan on DUINS after your first duty station, you need to complete the isp time first.
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    I was selected as an alternate for ED/Trauma, so now the waiting game for a primary to not accept or get a guaranteed spot for fy18. I'm hoping to get waived from ODS from prior enlisted time - fingers crossed.
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    Ive not heard of prior enlisted being waived, as I am seeking a comission with prior naval service. If anything itll just be an easy 5 week refresher course for you while being a bit more difficult for others.
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    MECP are waived - another Chief who was in the same boat said she was waived because there was no point in a Chief going, but still went to a two week course in VA. On the otherside, I have wanted to visit RI and there's no hospital to get stationed at there.
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    How long have you been an ER/Trauma RN? And also whats your active duty background? Just curious I like to hear what other people do or have done experience wise.

    I spent 5 yrs active as an AO, separated as AO2 and did 4 yrs in SELRES. I graduate with BSN in May hopefully and will be shooting for an ER job if I dont get picked up right away for active duty comission.
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    I've been in the ER for 2 years. I'm a BMC with 16+ years. I was finishing my BSN on instructor duty, then switched to the reserves. Definitely look for a new grad position in the ED - it makes all the difference.
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    Any idea how many ED/trauma spots there are? I'm trying to get credentialed for Critical Care, and may be glad I didn't go the ED route.
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    Your healthcare recruiter can pull up a spreadsheet with how many total billets are open for each area such as medsurg, cc, ed/trauma, etc.
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    I know how many there are for CC.
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    I think there are 4 for ED
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    4 left for FY17 or 4 total to begin with?
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    Total - I was selected as an alternate.