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Navy airforce or army nurse?! Help

  1. 0 I'm 19 years old and from California IE area. I'm about to graduate Lvn school in march. I'm considering all my options to take the next step to get my RN. I am planning on doing a bridge program and working as an Lvn part time but I also am very interested in military nursing. But I don't know much about it. Is there a way they can help pay for my schooling to get my bachelors then I can go work with the military as soon as I graduate? And which branch is best ?
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    It doesn't hurt to try to contact a healthcare recruiter for all 3 branches. However, some may not speak with you without you being at least enrolled in a BSN program. Generally, they all offer a new grad nurse program where you could be selected in your Junior year of college and commission after graduation and passing your NCLEX. From there you would attend a Nurse Training Program before reporting to your first duty station. Good luck in whatever you decide!
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    I second calling a recruiter. Because you don't know which branch you want to do, I would meet with a recruiter from each field just to weigh the pros and cons & see which branch is the best match for you. I personally say Air Force, but I am bias (I have a retired AF dad & active enlisted AF fiancee)!
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    I don't want to make a new thread so I'll ask here. When is it best to call up a recruiter? I graduate in November 2013. Is it too early now? I want to make things as seamless as possible from graduation to NCLEX and so forth.
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    I'd say contact them now just to see if you qualify for any of the NTP (nurse transition programs). I know there is a program in each branch that allows you to apply while a student and then go active after licensing. The recruiters will let you know if you qualify to apply for that or if you should wait until after graduation. Good luck!