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  1. Hi all,

    Long time reader, first time poster on this board. Apologize in advance for redundant questions.

    A little hx about myself: 23y/o M with ASN, working on my BSN with 1.5 semesters remaining. I got a new job in med-oncology this past August. After doing some serious soul searching, I've decided that I want to commit to commissing in the AF Reserves and hoping to get in to a flight nurse spot.

    The I've was a JROTC cadet all through high school, got to SSG (not that it really counts for anything - but I wanted to note relevant exposure) so it's not completely foreign to me. Several members of my immediate family have also served, but not as an officer.

    Back to my career track, would it make me a more marketable candidate to get my TNCC/CCRN prior to commission? I do understand I should talk to a healthcare recruiter for definitive answers but the closest one is several hundered miles away and I won't be commissioning for ~2 years from now if all goes well.

    Secondly, does the military offer in-house training for BSNs who want to go to NP (I understand AF has an ACNP MOS, which I am more interested in over FNP). I'm still on the fence about this as I expect the market to really become saturated with NPs over the next couple years, but I would like to keep it an option although I think I would be completely satisifed with flight nursing (fixed wing).

    Finally, say I commission in to the AF Reserves and my contract runs out - say I love the lifestyle so much - can I recommision into another branch whether it's active AF or Navy with having to do COT/OCS again and keep my rank, or do I start back at O-1?

    Thanks for the response.
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    I don't know much about the Reserves, but TNCC is just two-day course; CCRN (board certification) would be much more stand-out-ish! If you can do both, even better.
  4. by   mrmedical

    Yeah, both certs I'm definitely going to be pursing in the near future (or at least when I aggregate enough experience).