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  1. by   navyman7
    Snathers, Im sorry if I mistakenly wrote something that wasn't as accurate as it could be regarding a certification exam. I am not here to answer in depth questions about every nursing topic. This is a military nursing forum, not aacn. I am just providing guidance. In the end its up to each person to further investigate everything that's written in these forums since everything changes, especially in the military.
    BTW you could have just stated what the exact requirements were instead of being negative. It's 1750 hours in direct bedside care of acutely and/or critically ill patients hours required, or 145 12hr shifts. Which could be 4.8 months if you are in the military since there is the possibilty of working 145 shifts straight. While deployed I racked up 2880 hours of nursing so you could get this done in about 6 months.
  2. by   navyman7
    MBRN 74, I am not sure what the recruiters requirements are these days so I can't say whether having ECCO done will help or not. I know that many of our new nurses both military and civilians have had to take the ECCO course despite having years of experience. But in the end, it can't hurt having your ECCO done and CCRN in hand. It just adds to a more impressive resume.
  3. by   MBRN74
    Hi navyman7,

    thanks for all the help you post on here. It takes time and a lot of thought with the many questions put forth. I really appreciate your diligent efforts. I spoke with a recruiter who says that the ECCO is not so important necessarily as the experience or the CCRN.

    You are doing a great job. The support at least in and of itself is phenomenal. Ultimately , a recruiter just said that depending on the amount of ICU experience regardlesss they may put one in under med/surg designator anyway. I get so many different answers. I will just keep plugging away and hope for the best. It sure wasn't like this a few years ago or more. Yes, shoulda, coulda, woulda.....

    Thanks again.
  4. by   MBRN74

    I thought the navy's cut off age is 42 as is for all the other branches???
  5. by   oaktown2
    Yes, you have to be commissioned by the time you are 42. Is someone telling you something different? If varies for the various fields, but healthcare and a few others have the higher age limits.
  6. by   MBRN74
    Hey Oaktown,

    thanks for answering. Naaahh....i just saw something on here about 38 and i wanted to clarify because I was told 42 as well.

    Thank you. Yes and it was for nurse corps that i was answering about. Thanks again. Are you in the Nurse Corps?

  7. by   oaktown2
    I know Reserves are different (and lower) so maybe that was where the 38 came from. I am in the Nurse Candidate Program. Well, waiting to sign and take my oath. Another year and I will be getting ready to commission!

    Good luck with your packet!
  8. by   MBRN74

    so does that mean you are still in school? Oh wow, congrats to you. Thank you so much.

    I'm really trying hard to get into critical care someplace as that's what their needs are. They said i need to get experience in that and then i can apply for it after that. Or can apply for med/surg at the next board. We shall see what happens,. Some people get picked up fast and then commission right away it seems. Others seem to have to wait so who knows.
  9. by   oaktown2
    Yes, I am still in school. I am happy to have the selection process behind me, but it just means that instead of waiting to hear if I have been selected, I am waiting for the next step to happen. I never realized it would be so much waiting, but it will be worth it.

    Again, good luck with your packet! And my advice is to make sure your packet is ready as early as you can. You never know what things they will throw your way or when your recruiter will just be busy with other things.
  10. by   MBRN74

    thanks for the info. i have been thru this once and will be keeping on top of it. I missed the boards last year and it was full within the first month, uuugghhh...

    Needless to say i'm not getting any younger soooo....

    thank you
  11. by   ATLRN0828
    [FONT=comic sans ms]Hey MBRN74,

    Are you applying to the boards or have you been accepted already?
  12. by   dj-usrn
    hi everyone..:spin:

    i would like to ask questions about joining the navy reserve.. i graduated 2008, in the philippines, took my nclex last year (August 2011) and a registered nurse. I'm having a hard time looking for a job, everybody's telling me to try navy. my questions are:

    - what are the requirements? am not yet a citizen but a green card holder.
    - do they accept new RN's? i have no experience at all except being a student nurse
    - how long will i serve? is it 3-5 years?
    - for reserve nurse, where do they deploy me? i work one weekend a month and 2 weeks a year ?
    - what are the benefits?

    thank you in advance
  13. by   Pixie.RN
    There is basic requirement info in the "sticky" thread at the bottom of this forum. You must be a US citizen for active duty and your school must have CCNE or NLNAC accreditation.