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Hello all, I've been thinking about making the Navy my new home (with my wife and 4 children) so I've contacted a recruiter and all is looking well so far. I'm 33 years old and an experienced... Read More

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    Let me know if you have anymore Questions
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    thanks! after the you initially turned in your paper work, how long dd it take for them to reply?
  3. by   navyman7
    You need to remember that the military comes first and the detailers will put you where they need you first. I know many dual military families and see how difficult is on them. One of them typically has to commute 1-2 hrs at least for the dual military option to work. I would not wish that on anyone unless they were an enemy.
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    Once again I see too many comments and way too much advice from people who are not in the Navy. Please get your advice/info from the source directly otherwise you may have serious regrets. feel free to browse the questions in the thread titled: military nursing questions answered. I try to answer all the questions that come up. Many of the same questions here are also asked there too. Hope this provides some helpful info.
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    In regards to hours and schedules, I am sorry to say that you work whatever they tell you to work. I typically work 13.5+ a shift. I have worked 16hrs straight and was told that I have to stay and cover the next shift because we don't have anyone else to work. It sucks. You may work 12hrs/day, 5-6 days a week. I have friends that have to work that schedule, and forget about over time or taking those 30 days of vacation a year. You may collect 30 days of vacation but you won't get to use it. Sorry to break the news to you.
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    Emily: see my post in military nursing questions answered. I lay out a day in that thread.
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    skrkbyte: meps does basic paperwork and basic mental/physical eval. I have met people that are bipolar and are depressed and have made it into the Navy. If you are functional then you should be fine. Don't worry about MEPS, that's the easiest part of the app process. Just focus on school (grades) as that will have a bigger effect on whether you get into the Navy or not.
  8. by   futnurse0424
    Hi! My husband is in the US Army and I wanted to know how difficult it would be to be stationed at the same location if I decided to join the Navy nurse corps. Would they deploy me if he happened to be deployed at the moment? We have two children and that is my main concern.
  9. by   navyman7
    futnurse0424: you have to think about where the nearest navy and army bases are first. If there are some that are close they will do there best to place you close but they don't have to. You would be better off if you were both navy or at least navy/marines. It would be a easier placement that way. Remember the Navy comes first above everything. If I were you I would try and get a civilian job at whatever army base hospital/clinic your husband is stationed at. It will be far easier on you and your husband. Also, since both of you are not the same branch of military, there is a very good chance that you both could be deployed at the same time. That becomes a huge issue if you have kids or want kids in the future. Lots of variables in your situation, good luck with that.