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I have been toying about the idea of joining the air force. I have been reading a lot of posts about it. There are a lot of people who have been helpful answering some threads and I got a lot of info just by reading said threads.... Read More

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    Most of the MSN programs I've seen are two years. Don't give up! The sooner you get started, the sooner you'll be done.

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    thanks, lunah
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    Check out the other forums here on allnurses, specificially the graduate school one....Not sure of the exact title but there are postings of different universities (graduate level) that DO NOT REQUIRE THE GRE! Do a search. I am attending WGU ( right up my ally (I obtained my BSN on line, as well). There are many others.....
    Don't give up.....
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    i did, athena...i still feel that 'fighting' spirit inside me that there's still something i can do... now, i'm torn between looking in the USPHS commissioned corp then transfer to AF and doing the master's....i'm starting to get info for online education for MSN...and looking for scholarships...i don't have tuition reimbursement with my current employer...but thanks for your encouraging words.

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