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HPSP and nursing school

  1. 0 Hello everyone-

    I am currently taking my prereqs to get into nursing school and will be done by next year. I am interested in the HPSP scholarship program and wonder when I should apply to get the ball rolling. I plan on entering the Air force (hopefully) I have a half sleeve tatto but it does not cover all of my skin and it is made entirely of flowers.

    I already have my Bachelors in Psychology and I am looking to receive my masters in nursing-ambulatory care. Do you think its better to apply for the air force after I have completed school or during for the scholarship? The program I'm doing will be intense and I cannot work.

    Does anyone know if there is a sign on bonus as well if I get the scholarship?

    I have more questions but can't quite remember them now. lol Your feedback is greatly appreciated!!
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    In the past applicants with a Bachelor's degree (in another discipline) were allowed to apply for the HPSP. However last year they changed the application process. Currently only BSN-RN are able to apply for the HPSP.

    Hope that answered at least 1 of your questions!
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    So should I just go to nursing school then sign up for loan repayment? Can I get a sign-on bonus as well?
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    A sign-on bonus for what?
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    To sign on with the air force
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    I would contact a healthcare recruiter ASAP to get a clear picture of what you need to do, and the likelihood of being selected. It's not a sure thing to get into any branch of the service these days.
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    @LunahRN- I already had one recruiter for airforce totally shut me down. But another one is willing to speak with me. Thanks
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    Shut you down based on what? And just curious -- will your program lead to NP, or to RN, MSN?
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    She told me they aren't accepting nurses right now. But I told her I didn't plan on entering for at least 3 yrs. She also told me no tattoos could be visible which is not what I was told by another recruiter. Ill be entering a non-BSN- MSN program
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    For the Air Force, your tattoos cannot cover more than 25% of an exposed body part, i.e., your forearm. I'm tattooed from shoulder to wrist on both sides, so the AF rejected me. There is at least one other person on this forum with a half-sleeve in the AF. How far down does yours extend? Past the elbow?

    I understand it's a direct entry MSN, but does it result in NP or RN? There are both kinds of programs.
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    It extends a bit past my elbow but my arm is not completely covered. The program will allow me to get either an FNP or my RN in ambulatory care. I haven't decided yet. I sent pics of my tattoo to one recruiter he asked for them. But he's stationed in hawaii I live in southern california
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    Sorry to say it, but if it's onto your forearm and covers more than 25%, it might well keep you out of the Air Force. Let us know what the other recruiter says. Good luck!
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    I spoke with a recruiter in hawaii and showed him my tattoo and he said it looks like he will let me in.