HELP PLEASE! What branch do I join as an LPN??

  1. Hi. First off, thank you for reading this. I am in desperate need of some advice, and really have no where to turn. Currently I am an LPN and eventually want to be an NP. I am considering joining the military for the experience and to help pay for my school. As an LPN I am not sure of what my best option is. I am willing to deploy for sure. Although I would prefer to go to Europe or something, not the desert. What branch would be the best? Or where do I even start to help me decide? I really am not sure I am comfortable just talking to a recruiter because I feel like they will do whatever it takes to sell it to you. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time!
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  3. by   Lvelasquez89
    Are you trying to do enlisted?
  4. by   LiveTheLifeYouLove
    Honestly I have no idea. Wouldn't I have to?
  5. by   jeckrn
    As a LPN you will have to enlist. What you need to do is go and talk with the local recruiters for the Army, Navy, & Air Force. Do not go to the Marines since the Navy does their healthcare.
  6. by   zombie
    Air Force does not use you as a LPN. Your basically a tech. I don't know about Navy. The Army would class you as a LPN, be prepared though to do other jobs though. But, your foundation will be a LPN.

    If you go Army there are programs that will help you flip to become an Officer (a BSN Nurse). If you so desire. You would need to do about two years of basic college courses out of way first while your in Army doing your job. It's Called Army Enlisted Commissioning Program.

    I am partial to the Army. In the AF you will not use your skills. The army has ways to advance if you actually follow through with a plan. I know a lot of LPNs that have great potential. They talk lot, but never do paperwork and follow through.

    But, whatever. Talk to a recruiter, they are not that bad. They actually can be quite helpful. I don't honk they are having a big problem with applicants with the economy the way it is.

    Good luck