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General Navy Interview question

  1. 0 Short and sweet, I am curious how many interviews everyone completed for the nurse corps. Also, were they phone or person? Thank you!!
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    I did two in person. They were very casual (although I dressed professionally). They wanted me to ask them questions so I could learn about opportunities.
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    Do you live near a naval base or hospital? I live several hours away and my recruiter has not mentioned in-person interviews. I have completed 3 phone interviews. I read that face to face interviews are required though, so I am curious what others have experienced. Thanks for your response.
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    I live in Milwaukee, so it was just a short drive to Great Lakes. My recruiter told me that if his guys weren't available that we could have completed them on the phone. I have no idea what the requirements are, but it sounds like your recruiter is just saving you a trip.
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    I had one over the phone and one in person. Had to drive 3 hours for the one in person, it was required to have at least one in person.
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    I also made a 3 hour journey (one way) to meet with them in person. Fortunately, I was able to get all of them done in one shot.
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    I did 3, the last one was done because I found a higher ranking nurse to interview me....thought it would look better. They were in person at a local reserve center. Very casual as well. One asked what honor, courage and commitment meant to me. The rest was just chatting about what my plans were.
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    I did one, on the phone, with a LCDR and a CAPT.