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  1. I'm in the process of applying to the Army National Guard as an FNP with about 3 years of experience. My packet goes before the national board on July 31. My recruiter doesn't seem very knowledgeable, but he seems to think I can probably attend BOLC in October of this year. I finally got the official word on AMEDD policies on HPLRP and Special Pay, which both look favorable for my situation. At least the loan repayment has taxes taken out before paying the loan, and the total is up to $25K per year for mid-levels now.

    Have you or anyone you've known joined the military (active or reserves) as an experienced nurse practitioner? My recruiter said it's been a long time since he had an applicant for this position, which has me a little worried. I guess I'll be doing a bit of trailblazing.

    Right now AMEDD loan repayment is only up to an MSN, but with the standard for NP's moving toward a DNP, do you know if there's any movement toward covering that degree? I was hoping to get my DNP tuition paid for through the military.

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  3. by   Dranger
    Long term health education is the path to getting a DNP within the Army, I know a couple nurses doing it right now.However the only nurses I know who were selected (it is a board selection) were AD...not sure how the guard fits in to that.
  4. by   mcnacht
    [QUOTE=Dranger;7437609]Long term health education is the path to getting a DNP within the Army,

    I'm sorry, but what do you mean by "long term health education"? Is that a specific buzzword in the military? Like I said, I'm not in yet, so I'm not super familiar with some of the military terminology.

  5. by   atjohnstone
    Hello mcnacht, I hope everything turned out well. i was wondering if you can share any info. I am about to finish my FNP and was wondering what kind of benefits I could get for a 3 year contract.