ETSing from Army/Graduating Nursing school, resume question

  1. Hello all,

    I am graduating nursing school with my BSN this August. I also ETS from the Army this upcoming January. My problem is that I am trying to write my resume for graduate school and have no idea what to put down!

    Nursing resumes tend to have a bunch of areas for clinical experience and activities such as volunteer locations etc. I've been in the Army for 8 years and have absolutely no volunteer type experience or previous clinical experience.

    Does anyone have any ideas about how to write a resume for a upcoming graduate nurse whose only real job his adult life has been the military?

    FYI, I am a SSG and Infantry Squad Leader. No medical experience except basic CPR/CLS type training (plus nursing school).
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!! I would emphasize your leadership experience -- it will be an asset. Does your school offer any career counseling or resume services?