Direct Commission into Navy as Newgrad?

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    I am very interested in joining the Navy Nurse Corps when I graduated from nursing school in 2014. I know that is very competitive now and was wondering what my chances were of getting in. A little about me: I am a prior service Marine of 8 years, completed my BS in Biology, and have been accepted to a Master's Entry Nursing Program and will start Jan 2013. It is a general MS in nursing(although the curriculum does include core cores for apn) - so I'm not looking to get in as an NP (especially since I have no experience). Does the Navy require me to have experience before applying now? I was hoping to start my application as soon as possible because I know the process is long. Does having a MS in general Nursing hurt me? I have read in some posts that it is frowned upon for direct entry MSN-NP, but I am just going in to be an RN, gain some experience, and then decide which speciality I want to get into. I have my heart set into being in the Navy and being able to work with my brothers and sisters again
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  3. by   nurse2033
    Do you currently have your RN? You will get your RN through your Masters program? The one thing I would guess the Navy would want would be experience. I do not know this for a fact though. You will competing against others with the same degree and experience. I'm AF Guard and it took them more than 14 months to get me commissioned. Once you get an RN job, you could start the application process and perhaps by the time you enter you might have a year or two of experience. Prior service might get you in quicker though, you should ask a recruiter. You won't be able to apply for an RN job without your RN though. Thanks for your service, good luck.